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Twinkle Backdrops


LED Letters

Perfect For Creating Amazing Backdrops.

We stock so many fantastic products to create the perfect  backdrops, not only do we just stock the twinkle backdrops but also hold the following items for hire.

- LED Love Letters

-Blossom Trees

-Blossom Arch's

- Rustic Arch

-Neon Signs

- Wall Draping

- Flower Walls

-Floral Love Letters


Visit Our Gallery To See What Items We Have On Offer.


Flower Wall

These are popular to use for  your own diy photo booths, or a back drop for behind the top table or cake table.


Blossom Trees

Blossom trees come as a free standing tree which can be finished off with tealight glass baubles which make a stunning centrepiece for any event.

Blossom Arches are perfect for entrances , backdrops and room decoration.

Love Letters

Available with led lights which are mains operated so they will never fade during the day.

These are  4ft high and in total 16ft long. 

Floral Letters contain white hydrangeas within them. These do not light up but are perfect for rustic themed weddings.


Twinkle  Backdrops are perfect for behind top tables , they create the most amazing canvas for the bride and groom during the breakfast ceremony.

Wall draping is also available price for this will vary depending on the size of the venue that needs to be dressed.

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