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Chair Covers

& Sashes

A Great Way To Bring Your Colour Theme Into Any Room.

Colours and styles are an important part of any chosen look. We understand that that chair covers will help co-ordinate your theme. We stock a extensive range of sashes in our Northamptonshire showroom, along with  a vast collection of coloured chair covers.

Visit Our Gallery To See What Items We Have On Offer.

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Chair Covers

Our Chair covers are available in Lycra and linen, and fit most venue chairs.

These are available in Black and white covers.

Hood Sashes

Chair cover hoods are a linen type material.Some come with a ruffle tail.

These are available in a vast amount of colours, and can be finished off with a brooch or a flower.


Organza Sashes

These are a sheen see-through type material idea for just a hint of colour.

Taffeta Sashes

one of our most popular sashes available. A solid sheen material perfect for adding colour to any room.

Satin Sashes

These are silky , shiny  and are soft material 

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Lace Sashes

These are popular to use on their own around a chair,they are also perfect to place over the top of one of our taffeta sashes and then bowed .

We have a variety of designs to choose from.


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